City Ordinances

"Ordinance" means an ordinance duly adopted by the City Council of Dodge Center, Minnesota. 

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Chapter 1: General Provisions and definitions applicable to the entire city code including penalty for violation

Chapter 2: Administrations and General Government

Chapter 3: Municipal Utilities - Rules and Regulations, Rates, Charges and Collections

Chapter 4: Land Use Regulations (Zoning) - Reserved

Chapter 5: Airport Zoning - Reserved

Chapter 6: Construction Licensing, Permits and Regulations

Chapter 7: Alcoholic Beverages Licensing and Regulation

Chapter 8: Other Business Regulations and Licensing

Chapter 9: Streets and Sidewalks Generally

Chapter 10: Traffic Regulations

Chapter 11: Parking Regulations

Chapter 12: Public Protection, Crimes and Offenses

Chapter 13: Adult Establishments

Chapter 14: Housing Code

Chapter 15: Subdivisions

Chapter 16-19: Reserved

Chapter 20: Listing of Uncoded Ordinances in Effect